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Bathmate Hydromax Pump

Bathmate pump at a glance
" Bathmate is manufactured at our own factory in the UK and all parts are manufactured from the highest quality materials and molded to exact specifications and tolerances. The Hydromax pump and its parts undergo rigorous testing in our own testing laboratory and are routinely tested for up to 100,000 use cycles, equivalent to 3 years of normal use. The Bathmate pump and its new design features are protected by patents, design registrations, and trademarks worldwide."
Bathmate is the original Hydropump patented worldwide, and the world's best-selling penis enlargement device used by 1 million men in over 70 countries since 2006. Apart from giving you a bigger penis, regular use helps you keep your penis healthy. Bathmate can be used in a bath or shower and uses the power of water. Easy use with one hand encapsulates the entire shaft of the penis for more even pressure and expansion over the entire length of the penis.

So what makes Bathmate Hydromax special?

Like all pumps, Bathmate creates vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis to create a firm erection, essentially exercising the penis like any other muscle.
But what makes the difference is that Bathmate uses water in the pumping process, so that the suction power that is obtained is stronger and more evenly distributed.

Bathmate creates real, unmatched results. As we said, more than 72% of users saw growth after a month of regular use, while 79% reported harder erections. The numbers don't lie - neither does our 60-day guarantee.

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